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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The journey of life is both exhilarating and painful. We sometimes find ourselves in a valley dealing with grief, depression, fear, anger, hurt – and wondering if the mountaintop obscured by our difficulties is truly attainable. In brief moments as the sun pierces our clouds, we glimpse the mountaintop to which we are called in all of its glory. As the distant horizon beckons, a voice wells up inside – sometimes boldly, often almost too faint to hear – reminding us that we were meant to soar! And yet our pilgrimage from valley to mountaintop seems strewn with painful detours, parched deserts, and lonely paths.

And then something happens. Divine intervention. We come to the place of reaching out for help through the counseling and coaching process. With the smallest of steps on what seems like the shakiest of ground, we connect with a human being in an environment of compassion and safety. We find comfort in sharing the secret places of our heart with a guide who has traveled the road that winds through darkness and disappointment! Slowly we follow where the path leads, sometimes twisting, sometimes turning. And one day we discover refreshing springs in the midst of parched deserts. Our thirsty souls are quenched with the newness of life as it springs forth from what was once only darkness.

Now our healing begins! With every step we release our burdens, allowing ourselves to grieve as we let go of the hurts of yesterday and lay hold of the promises of tomorrow. Our companion guide carefully navigates the oft treacherous way with Divine wisdom. We are not alone. We find restoration. We feel refreshment. We flourish!

And so we are transformed. We journey from strength to strength finding the hidden blessings, like a rainbow in the midst of a summer storm, in each of our valleys of pain and difficulty . We sense their Divine purpose in shaping our lives and leading us home. Nothing is wasted. We are better, not bitter. We are victors, not victims! We reconcile the hurts of our past through the healing of today, and we find hope for tomorrow.

The mountaintop is ours! A still, small voice floods our soul and is our navigator now. We

rejoice in having shared a season in our journey of life with a guide who embraced our darkest secrets, understood our deepest hurts, and encouraged our most passionate dreams…a guide who reached out with Divine hands, listened with a Divine heart, and responded with Divine Love.

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well! At last we have found the well, rested in its shade, drank its refreshing water, and discovered the fullness of our destiny!

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